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Ondisplay delivers holistic solutions adapted to meet all of your needs. Our software makes it easy and quick to administer and distribute content to your displays using the internet.

Administer your displays using Ondisplay software

Ondisplay software works with all sorts of displays. It can be used for controlling the content on a single display or for flexible administration of many displays. The system is internet based which means the system is available for you on smartphones, computers and tablets from all over the world.

You can either choose to have our software installed directly on your existing hardware or you can buy a ready made solution with a player and perhaps even displays here at Ondisplay.

Regardless of the use of your displays we´ll be able to help and guide you.

Our products

Indoor info displays

A display for information is a perfect solution when you want to convey a message among your employees, customers or guests.

Digital receptions

A digital reception can set free resources within your company. Among other things you can welcome your guests, have wayfinding incorporated and call out for specific employees when someone appears for a meeting.

Outdoor displays and pylons

Having a stand or a display outdoors makes you able to target all the bypassers with information or advertisements.

Displays with touch

A touch display imbedded with Ondisplay software can be used as an information display while not in use.

Instore TV

Having a display for advertising in your store can increase the sale by target specific audiences during the day. Digital marketing has shown a larger effect on the consumers than the traditional signs.

Sten Mathiesen​

Obligations free meeting

Sten Mathiesen is Ondisplay’s sales manager.
With focus on your unique demands, he will guide you through finding the best solution.

Contact him for an obligation free meeting, where you can talk about, what specific requirements your company has.

Ondisplay free trial

Try Ondisplay free for 30 days and experience how easy and flexible the system is. Be aware of the fact that the guidance in how to install the software will be in danish.