Info and commercial displays

Indoor signage can be used for many different purposes. Two of the main purposes of use we see at Ondisplay are for information internal and external as well as for commercials. We will write a little bit about both in the next sections.

Information displays

Infodisplays are used to convey a message either external or internal. You might call them the bulletin boards of today. Unlike the impression of a traditional bulletin board Ondisplay helps you to present your digital signage solution in a presentable way, helping you to keep your information up to date by deleting automatically and planning far out in the future and make it easy for you to create professional looking messages.

Your information displays can turn to either the internal communication or toward guests and visitors. Having Ondisplay software controlling your displays creates a good overview of all the content presented on even a large amount of displays distributed on many different locations and even across borders.

Your displays can be divided into as many sections as wanted so that you at the same time can welcome new employees, show the menu from the cantina, show the calendar and the meetings of the day, show a local news stream and when the local busses and trains leave. Likewise can every section show as many messages as wanted in a row. In that way you can mix up the sale results with a countdown for the christmas party of the year.

Whether your displays are inside or outside is subordinate when it comes to the use of Ondisplay software. Thus are we able to present a complete solution taking your indoor displays, digital receptions and outdoor displays to the same platform.

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Commercial displays

Studies show that having digital signage for showing commercials are more effective than the traditional paper signs. Having Ondisplay software makes you able to plan and administrate your commercials far into the future. 

With a digital solution for your messages you can make your commercials more effective and Ondisplay makes it easy for you to make sure that your displays are updated and relevant at all times.

By using the time settings in the system you can send out commercials in specific time slots and increase your sale. The timed commercials can either be aimed at the different kinds of customer segments who visit your store during the day or you can make commercials designed for specific periods of time during the day such as a morning offer.


Whether you have a single store or many stores, if they are places in a single country or crossing borders we will find a good solution for you. We have many ways of setting up the logistic regarding which commercials to be shown in which store to easily administrate and differentiate the content on the display across borders or type of shop. 

The access to the display can be controlled completely from the head office or the individual store can gain access to upload content  on a single section or on the entire display in their own store.

You can upload text documents, pictures, videos and so on. Ondisplays Infoboards are an easy way to work directly in the system and by creating special templates for you we can help you to uniform your commercials to make your displays look even more professional.

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Hardware - displays made for indoor use

Most displays are compatible with Ondisplay software but there are several good reasons for choosing a professional info display:

  • They are made for being turned on 18-24 hours per day
  • they have antireflex
  • they have a sensor you can turn of so that no teenager with a simple smartphone can adjust your settings
  • Our software can turn on and off the display as wanted
  • You can get high nits displays suitable for rooms and windows having a lot of direct sunlight.

If you want to learn more about the advantages of professional signage please do not hesitate to contact us.

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