Outdoor displays

Advertising, branding and information in the outdoor space

At Ondisplay we have a lot of experience when it comes to using our software on digital signage with LED as well as LCD, outdoor as well as indoor. We are able to present a complete solution taking your indoor displays, digital receptions and outdoor displays to the same platform.

Displays outside in public is by far a rare sight. Outdoor stands and displays are used for commercials as well as for information regarding arrangements and product in public as well as in privat locations.

Digital signage for outdoor use has a very high brightness so your messages are visible even in direct sunlight. You can hang the display on a wall or you can choose a pylon – in that way you can move your message closer to the audience. If your messages are intended for passers-by a LED backlit LCD display in a cabinet will be a good and price conscious solution. But if your messages has to be seen across larger distances or/and from a passing car we will recommend a LED display.

LED displays consist of diodes with a small distance between them and the most common LED display is therefore not suitable for detailed pictures but on the other hand perfect for easy understandable and simple communication.

All the hardware for outdoor use that we either have in our own stock or will recommend to you has been tested in the nordic environment regarding to damp weather as well as to the cold. The signage with LED diodes have a built-in sensor so that the display automatically adjusts itself to the light surrounding it without disturbing the neighbours at night. 

If you want to learn more about the advantages of professional signage please do not hesitate to contact us.

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