about ondisplay

Ondisplay is a software house that specializes in communication and web-based systems.

We have been involved in developing software for info displays since this came on the market and have now a series of products focusing on user friendliness, high quality and flexibility.

 The system is designed to make working with communication on displays easily manageable for the user in a busy day without compromising with the professional expresion.

We have an experienced group of people working together at Ondisplay having skills within software development, communication, project management,  support and graphic design.

The company was founded on January 1, 2000 in Aarhus. On May 1st in 2017 we moved to our current address on Danmarksvej in Skanderborg. You are always welcome come by and have a talk and a cup of coffee.



    • Transparency: Our customers and partners know what they get and how much it costs.
    • Fair business: The feeling of having made a good deal should be prominent at all parts involved.
    • Communication: The communication should be clear and honest. We are trustworthy and do as we say.


    • The customer: Ondisplay develops the software based on the wishes and demands from the customers. Having the relationship with the customer in mind makes us able to follow the development on the field closely. 
    • Employees: Through participation, responsibility and social event within the company Ondisplay creates a basis for employees happy to go to work and engaging in the firm.

The product

    • Specialization:  Ondisplay software is and will continue to be a specialized product having optimal solutions. Customers as well as Ondisplay should be happy about results and the development of the firm and software.
    • Development: Ondisplay software shall continue to be developed in close collaboration to the customers and partners. We will continue to listen to the wishes and demands as well as continue to improve and renew our products.
    • Easy and flexible: Ondisplay software is and will continue to be software for everyone. Therefore the system has to continue to be flexible when it comes to differentiating and scaling the access for the users so that the options in the software matches the technical ability of every single user.

The team at Ondisplay

Sten Mathiesen

Sten Mathiesen is the sales manager at Ondisplay. He has a great experience in digital communication and will guide you to having the best solution customized to your needs.

Malene Eilers

Malene is the octopussy at Ondisplay. She is making external texts, managing projects, training new customers and much more.

Simone Mikkelsen

Simone optimizes the visual expression on your displays creating professional setups. She is also able to help you making your communication more clear and suitable for displays creating f.ex. pictures and spots.

Claus Holst

Claus is responsible for developing and maintenance of Ondisplay software. When our employees or customers get an idea for a new functionality Claus is the one making it happen


Contact Simone Mikkelsen if you need pictures containing info displays and/or inspiration on how to use them.

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