Digital reception and touch displays

We create a solution specifically for your company and can deliver a functional solution with or without hardware. A good solution does not have to be expensive which we would like to demonstrate to you.

Touch Display

A touch display is ideal for our software for a digital reception, but the system might just as well be used having a “normal” display, a mouse and a keyboard.

Some of our customers have touch displays for other purposes and use Ondisplay to control the display while not in use.

Having Ondisplay on a touch display gives you the ability to use the display as an info display while not in use and we can “freeze” a part of the display if you want to use part of the display for showing information and only part of the display for touch.

Digital reception

Ondisplay software for digital reception requires nothing more than a display with a mouse and keyboard attached or simply a touch display. However, many of our customers prefer having the display integrated in a stand for the display to come out into the room where it will meet the customers and other visitors as they enter.

Selections of functions

We adjust the digital reception and its functions to meet your needs. Below is a list of examples on different functions but as we develop the system continuously and inhouse the list is not adequate. Please contact us and let us have a talk about what assignments you want your new digital reception to handle.


Wayfinding makes it easy for visitors to find a specific employee, meeting room or other points of interest.

Call for an employee

Employees can be notified of guests present by either email or sms.

Printout guest card

When arriving your guests can print out a guest card.

Printout parking permissions

When arriving your guests can print out a parking permission.

Register your guests

Make your guest accept different kinds of procedures for internal use. It is possible to have Ondisplay save the registrations for later use.

Number Systems

We can integrate your existing number system in Ondisplay to be shown on a part of the display.

Visit our website dedicated to digital receptions

Visit our website dedicated to digital receptions and read more about how we can help you save money on your internal resources and reduce the time waiting for your guests without compromising with the level of service.

Be aware of the fact that you will be lead to another site and the site will be in danish.