Ondisplay’s system consist of:

A web-system that the user can administer their displays through a personal user access.

A server located in “The cloud”, where all the media files are saved and downloaded from.

Displays, beeing a simple television a professional signage displays or a big LED-boards.

Players that communicate with the server about what should be played. The content will be downloaded to the player, so the display won’t turn black at a periodic network interruption.


Ondisplay is hosted at Google Europe, which means that we have a big operational reliability, secure and quick internet connection, and safety/security that is in line with GDPR. Communication between both user and website and between player and server is encrypted with SSL.

If your company has additional requests for safety/security, then Ondisplay can be installed on your own server. In this way, it is possible to cut off the system from the internet.

Sten Mathiesen​

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