Ondisplay software

Ondisplay software is a flexible and user friendly software system to administer all your digital signage indoor and outdoor.

The system

With Ondisplay’s software you can upload media on your displays and decide when they should be shown. From within the system you can keep an eye on your various displays, and since the system is internet-based, so you can connect with the system and your displays no matter where you are in the world.

In collaboration with you, we can make the optimal divisions of your information boards, so you can choose the number of sections you need. We will assist you with the more technical media i.e. displays from websites, the weather, etc. Furthermore, we will teach you how to use the system by yourself.

The system is used in all industries in the public sector, as well as in the private sector. Regardless of whether the displays will be used at an educational institution, in chain stores, on a restaurant, or roadside when entering cities, at the car dealer or in a manufacturing company, we have a good solution for your needs.

Our software works at an optimal level, regardless of whether a system is needed for a single location or if a company is spread out in numerous locations. Likewise, several of our customers use the system across national borders, because we have user interfaces in Danish, English, German, and Spanish.

Some of the benefits regarding Ondisplay

  • Danish as well as english support
  • Our prices are transparent
  • Inhouse software development
  • Ondisplay software is compatible with all kinds of displays. Indoor, outdoor, LED, touch etc.
  • We have a special software system for reception stands.       Already developed and in use.
  • We have onsite support on most of the displays 
  • It doesn’t cost more to add more users.


Your displays are controlled by a small player/computer installed with Ondisplay software and connected to the internet. The player manages the content planned to be shown and will keep the displays updated with new material.