Your top competence is hardware and ours is software.

Let us work together and deliver the best complete solution.

Benefits of the collaboration

Most customers wish for a complete solution. One firm to handle hardware as well as software. One firm to make sure that everything works. One number to call if they have questions regarding their installation. 

Having Ondisplay as your partner when it comes to software insures you of a software solution of high quality and at a good cost. We have a flexible approach to a partnership which can ease your job by letting us handle everything when it comes to software and graphic design.

Whether the partnership is crossing borders or not is subordinate. At Ondisplays interface the users can choose between danish, english, german and spanish and we can give support and training in danish as well as english. We have customers in more than 15 countries since our software is neither limited by specific industries, use or countries. 

If wanted we can take firstline support – in english as well as in danish

We are ready to train you and your sellers in the use and benefits of using Ondisplay through courses

We have transparent prices

We are flexible when it comes to our partner agreements and will make sure it fits into your business process

If wanted we can take over all communication with the end user regarding the fitting and graphic design of the software

We have been on the market for digital signage since the early beginning, so by choosing us you choose the safe path – for the long run as well

For us, the good cooperation to our partners and customers is important

Benefits of Ondisplay software

Ondisplay software is flexible administration of digital signage indoor and outdoor as well as for digital receptions. It is easy to get your communication up on the screen and we can adjust the user access for every single user according to their abilities and needs. We can customize a perfect solution for your client  whether they have one or many digital signages.

Ondisplay software has a lot of possibilities when it comes to integration with other applications such as Facebook, calendars, homepages etc.

The system is internet based which means, the user can access the system from all over the world

Possibility of uploading content in advance, making the system automatically delete old content, show different content on different days, dividing the screen into more frames etc

Ondisplay software is compatible with all kinds of displays. Indoor, outdoor, LED, touch etc.

The users can easily upload PDF, Word, pictures, videos or simply work directly in the system.

We can make different user access by giving different options and rights, and it doesn’t cost extra to add on more users.

Inhouse software development – we develop the system in close contact with the end user

We have a special software system for reception stands. Already developed and in use.

Sten Mathiesen​

Obligations free meeting

Sten Mathiesen is Ondisplay’s sales manager.
With focus on your unique demands, he will guide you through finding the best solution.

Contact him for an obligation free meeting, where you can talk about, what specific requirements your company has.


Try Ondisplay free for 30 days and experience how easy and flexible the system is. Be aware of the fact that the guidance in how to install the software will be in danish.